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Build highly
flexible website

Create a website
with limitless

Create custom web and mobile apps without coding using AppNinja.

Bring your ideas to life and unleash your creativity!

Enjoy a limitless free trial and upgrade as needed

Create website appninja
Appninja web site builder

Take control and make an impact with powerful
empowering tools.

Easily design and manage custom sites with blocks, intuitive editing, flexible design tools,
and powerful features. See changes in real time as you add, edit, and rearrange content.
create a website appninja

Create a website

With a blank canvas or a variety of customizable themes and patterns at your fingertips, you have the power to design anything you can imagine with full control over every detail.

Get Started

Ecommerce made easy

With AppNinja, you retain ownership and control over your content, design, and data. This platform enables you to freely share your story, build your brand, or express yourself authentically.

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Market your business

Easily maintain your audience and attract new customers with on-brand email campaigns and social media tools that make you stand out in every inbox and social feed. you can use facebook pixel 

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Ready-to-use stylish themes and patterns

Quickly change the appearance and atmosphere of your website with professionally designed themes and easy-to-use layout options

Researched and tailored for every industry — or start from a blank canvas on our website builder.

Easy to Use

Our drag & drop feature makes it effortless to create
your free website, even if you lack technical expertise.
All the tools you need are within reach, making it easy
to design and launch your website.

easy web build appninja
power full web builder appninja

Flexible & Powerful

Examine the engine. Advanced users can easily alter
photos online and incorporate HTML, Javascript, and
site-wide CSS. Gain total command of your website.

Customize Your Site

Choose from 200+ of expertly designed and totally
customizable styles. Make it your own by using images,
movies, maps, forms, and other content. 


Convert Your Website into an App Today

Stay Ahead of the Game with a Fast and Reliable Mobile App Solution

Create a Website that

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