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Fitness Program

Create an online business that supports your vision and increases client engagement.


Rated 4.5/5 from 500+ reviews on Sitemark.com

The Power of 24/7 Scheduling

Let your customers to easily book single or group training sessions. You don’t need to personally remind them about their appointments; leave it to AppNija. No-shows will be kept to a bare minimum with automated reminders.

Online or offline training, keep up the good work wherever you are

Organizing online training has never been easier thanks to Zoom and Google Meet integrations. Easily organize virtual sessions and set up automatic reminders and follow-ups to reduce no-shows.


Gyms world wide using


Personal trainers use AppNunja


Features that will help you to focus on your work

Your clients will thank you not just for assisting them in achieving their goals,
but also for allowing them to manage their appointments online with ease.
Instant Bookings 24/7

Instant Bookings 24/7

Training sessions can be booked at any time on your website, and the booking confirmation is received immediately.
Secure Online Payments

Secure Online Payments

PayPal, Stripe, iDeal, Apple Pay – chose yours. 

Recurring Appointments

Recurring Appointments

A frequent visitor to your gym or personal training can reserve a place ahead of time and book appointments that will repeat at the same time and day.

Discount Coupons

Discount Coupons

Increase your retention rate by emailing discount coupons to your regular clients.

Email and Text Notifications

Email and Text Notifications

Set up automated reminders and follow-ups to keep your consumers satisfied and eager to return.

Packages of Workouts

Packages of Workouts

Upsell your offerings by bundling the same or different types of training in one package deal.

Sync your and your employees' calendars with AppNinja

Sync your and your employees' calendars with AppNinja

Each trainer can sync schedules with Google or Outlook calendars to avoid uncomfortable reschedules due to double bookings.

Accept Deposit Payments

Accept Deposit Payments

Allow deposit payments to significantly reduce no-shows.

Amazing Customer Support

Our agents will assist you with installing, configuring, and maintaining the plugin on your WordPress website.

What our customers are saying

It’s less expensive and easier to set up than rivals like Mindbody and Zenplanner. It was hard to fit a professional-looking scheduling software that wasn’t $100+ per month into a fitness business. It is also adaptable enough to handle all of the fundamentals and more if I decide to add options later.

Frank Ballard

Frank Ballard

Health, Wellness and Fitness

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Mobile Personal Trainer

Manage numerous locations, enable front-end staff login, and track your success with the finest AppNinja booking for gyms and personal trainers.​

With AppNinja Fit you’ll find everything you need to succeed online

Tools to promote and market your fitness business.

 Create a space where users can connect and share their fitness journey.

Instant communication to provide support and answer questions.

A source of information and inspiration for users to stay on track with their fitness goals.

Offer your own branded products to fans and customers.

Every business deserves the opportunity to work on an internet business and becoming the CEO of a web development agency WP is one of them. AppNinja has been a terrific resource when clients require a simple and quick interface for their clients to make on-demand appointments, get a reasonable price, and communicate via e-mail and a customer panel all in one platform. Thank you very much, AppNinja Team!

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