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Turn your blog into a mobile app, 2 new extensions to do it now

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Blog readers expect the content to be available in an accessible way. Many smartphone users have started to feel that using a computer, going online, and then looking for information is outdated. It’s crucial to have access to any content at any time, especially in a world where speed is becoming increasingly vital and everyone is moving toward mobile devices. By developing a mobile app with an emphasis on the user experience, you can give your blog’s readers what they want, which can boost user loyalty and content views. Regardless of your level of blogging experience, you should be aware that if your site doesn’t have a mobile app, you are missing out.

With the help of AppNinja, Turn your blog into a mobile app. Users may construct apps with no coding knowledge thanks to the robust mobile app builder AppNinja. any type of blog site, you can be converted. You Can make your Wix and Medium website into an app and increase your little or large business in the market if you already have one.

Connect your Wix or Medium blog to your AppNinja app

On your AppNinja app, the two new extensions are now accessible. They provide an incredibly simple method for syncing the content you’ve already created on Medium or Wix with your app. installation process is the same for both extensions.

From your back office,

  • Click on install after choosing the necessary extension from the Extensions Store (left side menu).
  • This will launch your new section’s editing panel.
  • The section can be given a new name.
  • Add your Medium or Wix blog’s URL after that.
  • Choose where the section will be located in your app.
  • Select “Save”

The content you published on these platforms will automatically be synchronized once the extension is set up, and any new articles will be available in your app right away.

appninja dashboard,Turn your blog into a mobile app

5 Reasons to Turn your blog into a mobile app

Still unsure whether you ought to Turn your blog into a mobile app? The following five arguments will tempt you to begin:

01.Your blog is available on smartphones, where people are constantly browsing! It isn’t currently news. We are glued to our phones nonstop. The likelihood is that you check your phone as soon as you get up. If you have an app, your users will see your icon on their phones frequently throughout the day. Being accessible in your users’ hands is the best form of advertising!

o2.Utilize push notifications, one of the best mobile app marketing tools. Apple Inc. first released push notification technology back in June 2009 along with iOS 3.0. Even when those apps weren’t running, push notifications allowed third-party app developers to communicate with their users. The advantages were quite substantial: now that developers could share crucial information at any time, the value of the apps for their users was increased. Push notifications also have the advantage that users who opt-in to receive them are already interested in your content. This is also demonstrated by the fact that push notifications have a significantly higher opening rate than emails.

03.Stand out from the competition. The mobile app trend hasn’t been adopted by many bloggers yet. you Be the first, to make the most of being available on mobile, tablets, and desktops (with a Progressive Web App, basically an advanced mobile website). You’ll also reach a new audience, who’s mainly looking searching on the app stores instead of browsing the web. Plus being present in the Stores will add more professionalism to your blog. An app allows you to stand out by offering content in different formats: articles, of course, videos, photos, and podcasts. If you already create this type of content on other platforms, it’s very easy to synchronize it with your app thanks to connectors.

04.Boost traffic to your blog and social media accounts. By including links to your blog and social media pages within your app, you provide an easy way for app users to follow you on social media and visit specific pages on your website. To encourage your followers to download your app, add links and Download buttons to your website and social media accounts. An app allows your users to easily share your posts on social media, increasing your visibility.

05.Make money from your content. Finally, by turn your blog into a mobile app provides several simple ways to monetize your blog. Display ads from third-party advertising services, or better yet, create your own ads and sell ad placement to sponsors or businesses relevant to your blog. Another popular way for content creators to earn money is to offer premium content with subscriptions, including ad-free content.

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